Butternut Squash Ravioli

I have been wanting to share the butternut squash ravioli I made from myself on Christmas day.
We have a tradition in our family where we make homemade ravioli for Christmas dinner. Last I went with the flow and had the cheese ravioli but this year I want ti stick with a vegan option. When searching for a vegan there were several options but I had my heart set on trying to come up with a vegan butternut squash ravioli. Many of the recipes I found had butter and cream and at first I had difficulty coming up with a solution. But my determination to make this meal happen paid off.

First I was lazy and found these at trader Joe.


They were on the expensive side but some times it is worth paying to have the chopping done for you and being the middle of the holiday season when I made this was just one of those times.

I add a little olive oil, salt and pepper and threw them in the oven


After they were slightly brown and soft I look them out of the oven to cool slightly.


While the butternut squash was cooling I began cooking up the onion that would also go in the filling. The original recipe I found called for shallots which I did not have so I used the next best thing that I had at the time. Red onion. So I chopped up the red onion and browned it I a pan with some earth balance butter


After they were done I added the butternut squash that I had mashed. The original recipe called for cream and I had to come up with another option. I soaked some raw cashews in water over night. The next day I added them to my vita mix with a little almond milk and made a cream mixture this was the cream. I added this cream to the butternut squash and onions.


The recipe also called for Parmesan cheese so I added more nutritional yeast and a pinch of nutmeg. My filling was now complete. I of course had to taste test and the mixture was perfect. With the filling complete it was time to turn my attention to the pasta dough. Our original pasta was made with white flour and eggs. I knew there had to be a recipe out there that would be much more suited for my way of eating and healthier too. With a large amount of time spent searching I finally found the perfect recipe. I found it at one of y favorite blogs: http://peasandthankyou.com

I am a big fan of this blog and even bought her cookbook so I search her blog and found a recipe that was exactly what I needed


I made the dough using my kitchen aid mixer along with the pasta attachments. I rolled out the dough laid the dough on my ravioli form and scooped the filling for each ravioli


I can’t tell you how perfect this dough worked out for the ravioli. They were like a piece of art.



I am sorry to say I never took a picture of the final product I guess my mouth was watering to badly that all my mind could think of was putting them in my mouth. But believe Meehan I say they were perfect on ever way. I ended up thinning the cashew cream as the sauce for the topping which worked out ok but I think next time I will use earth balance combined with fresh sage. But the first attempt I will say was a huge success.
A special thanks to peas and thank you for a perfect pasta recipe without it this recipe would have never come to be

It was wonderful to celebrate Christmas with my family and still feel good about the food choices I made. I will be sure to post the final product next time because believe me there will be another time.

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7 responses to “Butternut Squash Ravioli

  1. Good to know you’re doing well.

    Take care and best wishes.
    :-) :-).


  2. Love love butternut squash. This sounds awesome!! So glad to see you posting ;-)

  3. You are right! They look really good. I love seeing all of the different things make! It really inspires me! Thanks for helping get me out of the meal ruts.

  4. I can’t find the pasta recipe on the peas and thank you blog. Is it available anywhere else? I really want to make these ravioli. Thanks!

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